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How to flip heatmap Y axis
Hi all, I am creating a heatmap based on a table with x and z coordinate and the parameter value for each position. I copy here...

11 months ago | 1 answer | 1



Which module would be most applicable to my needs?
Hi! Have you analyzed the predictive maintenance toolbox? I think it can be very useful for your purposes. You can find more in...

1 year ago | 0

delay signal by 'n' samples
You should use the next command: shifted_data = delayseq(data,DELAY) You must notice that data must be a column vector or it ...

2 years ago | 2

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Sum the digits of a number?
You can try this: n = 525; sum(str2num(num2str(sum(str2num(num2str(n)')))'))

2 years ago | 0

Error in symbolic engine with latest R2018a Trial
I had the same problem. After the latest Windows update the symbolic engine doesn't work. You have to download the Matlab R2018a...

3 years ago | 1

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