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Michael Rowlands

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I'm a Signal Integrity Engineer by trade (since 1998) and a systems engineer at heart. I like to observe, learn and improve systems by developing a good process and then automate that process with excellent tools and an elegant workflow. SI is just a system to get a signal from point A to point B, through a channel with many pieces. My engineering philosophy is to make work simple! Let people do the creativity and critical decisions that we are good at, and let computers do the calculations and repeated tasks that they are good at. For more details, connect with me on LinkedIn:


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Convenient way of copying and renaming large groups of files using lists and wildcards.

3 years ago | 2 downloads |


Convenient way of moving and renaming large groups of files using lists and wildcards.

4 years ago | 3 downloads |

How to copy and rename files in a different folder
I have encountered similar situations where I need to copy and rename files. So I wrote a function to handle many copy and rena...

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