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Can I use UNIQUE to get a count of the number of times each element is repeated?
As of R2019a, you can use groupcounts for this: >> a = [12 34 78 8 12 3 34 34]'; >> [counts, groupnames] = groupcounts(a) cou...

5 months ago | 5

Average a section of a column in a table base don another column values
Hi Gabi, We actually have several functions that can help with these "grouped calculations". In particular, I think groupsummar...

9 months ago | 0

Live script tasks: Reading the variables from a table using "tasks"
Hi GS76, The reason that you cannot access the table variable is that the "X-axis" dropdown is filtering out table variables th...

3 years ago | 1

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Inconsistent behavior between Command Window and scripts, unexpected error using 'end' and 'max'
Hi Joseph, Thank you for bringing this behavior to our attention. This appears to be related to a known issue. Please see the...

4 years ago | 0

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