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Drag and Drop - MatLab AppDesigner
Have you seen this? It is a file drag and drop for uifigures.

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Adding uitable checkboxes to certain cells or rows instead of columns
Very late but stumbled across this answer from the MathWorks Support Team that seems to answer this question well: https://www.m...

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uitable: text-alignment with HTML
Use this as reference. This centers the text, makes the background red, and changes the font color to white: uitable('data',{'<...

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how to get UNC path for mapped drive path
If on Windows, you can use system('net use'). I use the following function in one of my codes. I'm sure there is a more efficien...

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Label drag and drop on plot not working the same between MATLAB versions
I am updating a large MATLAB code from 2013b to run on 2020b. I have simplified and attached a section of it so you can just cal...

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