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Writing software in MATLAB is useful or in C++
My personal view is that MATLAB can be better especially if you want to analyze and visualize the aircraft data. Here is a demo ...

11 years ago | 0

Rotation sequences and different MATLAB interpretation issue: MATLAB seems to interpret rotation sequences in a quite different mode with respect to scientific literature
You will have to map the meaning of your coordinate frame in the real world to that of the animation environment. I used it i...

11 years ago | 0

How do I animate aircraft flight with 6 dof and trace its flight path?
No 6DoF implementation from Aerospace Blockset yet still worth a look:

11 years ago | 0

Need Help in Monte Carlo and comparing operational sequence
I would use SimEvents to do this-create two queues where I would model the entity in the two parallel paths as representing a fa...

11 years ago | 0

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