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Calculate moments and forces on a quadcopter with Matlab
Hello Younes, There is currently no direct feature that automates the force and moment computation. There is however an examp...

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Test performance of UAVwaypointfollower for fixedwing UAVs of different masses (in Kg) using the model in "shared_uav_aeroblks/UAVFidelityExample" is
Hello Priyanka, In order to change the mass of the mid fidelity UAV, midFidelityUAV.aircraftM is the right parameter. The way y...

1 year ago | 0

The step response and the pathfollowing model in "shared_uav_aeroblks/UAVFidelityExample" is failing build with the medium fidelity fixedwing UAV, due to a missing file
Hello Priyanka, This issue could be originating from the path at which the example exists. Here are some suggestions to try. ...

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