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Frederic Moisy

University Paris Sud

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Professional Interests: Fluid mechanics, Image processing


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Fitting data with two peaks
Hi, you can try the Ezyfit toolbox: In particular, ...

9 years ago | 0

non linear data fit (weighted least square)
Hello, a simple non-linear fitting method is provided in the (free) Ezyfit toolbox:

9 years ago | 0

Optimising the fit of a function with 2 variables
You can also use the Ezyfit toolbox, which is free: One installed,...

9 years ago | 0

Can you use DIR to list files in subfolders ?
You can use rdir (=recursive dir), available hire:

10 years ago | 2

Fitting Functions
Hi, First solution: replace x by y=1/x, then use polyfit to fit your data with respect to y. Second solution: install the...

10 years ago | 0

Data fitting
This is easy with the Ezyfit toolbox: Plot your data, and type sh...

10 years ago | 0

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