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I am a Quality Engineer at the MathWorks, primarily working in the Simulink area. I have over 10 years of experience using MATLAB and 3+ years of experience working with Simulink. DISCLAIMER: Any opinions stated are my own and not of MathWorks. I do not make policy, or official statements on behalf of the MathWorks.

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Python, C++, Javascript, MATLAB, Fortran
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Bengali, English, Hindi


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How to add a legend to a plot from fitlm function?
I understand that you want to provide additional information on your plot in a text-box like element. You can add text-box ...

2 months ago | 0

How to set "Pause simulation when time reaches " parameter through s“set_param”
It is my understanding that you are trying to set the pause time for a simulation using the command line. The commandline par...

2 months ago | 0

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A null assignment can have only one non-colon index.
Given that you have a 3D array in unconventional (based on you calling (2,2,2) the center point), that means you have a 3X3X3 ar...

3 years ago | 0