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How can I insert row into matrix without deleting its values?
Just in case the insert position is variable. emt_lpfc=[]; emt_rpfc = []; emt_lpmc =[]; emt_rpmc =[]; emt_sma=[]; A = rand(...

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How to calculate correlation p-value?
Lets say N --> no.of the observations / data points r --> assumed corr.coef t = r*sqrt((N-2)/(1-r^2)); % find t-statistics ...

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Point cloud to Mesh/Surface/Grid to STL
You can also do it using tri and trimesh function: example: DefoNodes--> x,y and z coordinates of each Node tri = delaunay(De...

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How to view contents of .mat file in Visual Studio?
Additional detail on linking the header file, library, dependencies and external directory to the project in visual studio 2019 ...

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How to append fields of a structure from different/many script file?
Hi there, I am trying to append field value of a structure from a different script file than the structure was created in. But...

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