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how to make symbolic computations fast?
I am developer of Advanpix toolbox. You mentioned it in the comments and that is why I decided to respond. There are several...

11 months ago | 0

Does MATLAB support quadruple precision - 128-bit floating point arithmetics?
Advanpix toolbox extends Matlab with quadruple precision. It is faster than Symbolic Math Toolbox & Maple up to 400 times. Actu...

6 years ago | 2

how to do some evaluation in quadruple precision arithmetic
Or try Advanpix toolbox if you need high-speed quadruple precision.

7 years ago | 0

How to increase the precision of Matlab (compared to Fortran) ???
This addon: < Multiprecision Computing Toolbox for MATLAB> allows programming with arbitrary precision....

8 years ago | 0

Mex API Wish List
@James Mangled C++ names are very useful in reversing undocumented functions - since it easy to derive original signature of ...

8 years ago | 1

Advanpix Multi precision toolbox
"...if someone outside MATLAB can do this why not MATLAB doing it?" There are many important things which MATLAB is not doing...

9 years ago | 1

How to use object arrays in MEX
Hi, James. Thank you for your prompt and insightful answer. Actually I was hoping for answer from you :-). It is apparent that...

10 years ago | 0


How to use object arrays in MEX
Hello everybody!! I would appreciate any help on my questions below. I have simple user-defined class, which is actually a wr...

10 years ago | 2 answers | 0