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How to delete files ending with odd number?
You could looop through all the files and delete ones that have an odd number using regexp, regular expression search files...

5 years ago | 1

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read numbers from mixed string
You need to print the variable A (not "line") to the newdata1 file. Also a quick modification will allow it to work on all the v...

6 years ago | 0

Hello, I want to plot two variables (with different number of phases)...
To plot your data against one another you could use plotyy % make up some data volume = [1:13]'+wgn(13,1, 10); % add som...

6 years ago | 0

I would like to write an else if statement from data imported from an excel file
You have a couple options. If you just want to find the row for Mary, you can use option 1. If you specifically want an if/else ...

6 years ago | 0

How to enter data in the system command?
Use sprintf to create dynamic text, for example: for i=3:5 system( sprintf('mseed2sac-2.1-win32 >> %s<>', files{i}) );...

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