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Software engineer working at MathWorks with a passion for theory and algorithms.

Programming Languages:
Python, C++, C, Java, C#, Javascript, R, MATLAB, SQL, HTML, CSS, Objective-C
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Graph and Network Algorithms, Optimization, Quantum Computing, Parallel Computing, Audio Processing Algorithm Design


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Add a red line on the graph
For future reference, code is more readable if you format it in a "code block" in the question editor. Also please give a more d...

4 months ago | 0

How to use for and if statements together?
So right now you are trying to solve "identify values greater than the overall mean." To break up that part of the problem a bi...

4 months ago | 2

Error using trainNetwork. Layers argument must be an array of layers or a layer graph.
Hi William, the "trainNetwork" function always requires the "options" argument, so version 2 is the correct syntax. If you are ...

6 months ago | 1

| accepted

Can't create subplots
Hi Adli, please try the instructions here:

6 months ago | 0

Scale Free graphs based on Albert - Barabasi algorithm?
Hello Asaf, I am not aware of any MathWorks provided example of Scale Free randomly generated graphs. However, there are the fol...

7 months ago | 0

Object-Oriented simulation of population dynamics
Hi Munzir, since you are looking to model population infection of a disease, an alternative to a "real-time" approach is a simul...

7 months ago | 0

How to convert four bytes into double ?
The "animatedline" now supports all numeric datatypes along with datetimes and durations natively as of R2023a! In order to plo...

11 months ago | 0

Scattered Interpolation: Defining my own triangulation?
Hi, I work at MathWorks and I wanted to let you all know that we have forwarded this feedback to the relevant team. We will cons...

1 year ago | 0

How to add a datetime array to addpoints for an animated line plot?
The "animatedline" now supports all numeric datatypes as well as datetimes and durations for all axes as of R2023a! In order to...

1 year ago | 0