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How do you set a default datatip callback function?
%% setTips_CallBack.m % call only when figure created and one line drawn, wo any tips fh = gcf; ax_hdl = gca; % make sure t...

10 months ago | 0

Warning: Error updating FunctionLine
function [c] = Interpolieren(x,y,flag) % Berechnung des Interpolationspolynoms % P_n(x) = c0 + c1 x + c2 x^2 + ... + c(n-1) x^...

4 years ago | 1

Warning: Error updating FunctionLine
Hello Alicia, @ line 18 you change the for loop variable i_2 inside the loop, this is bad practice. @ line 29 i_2 has the va...

4 years ago | 1

convert cell array with struct information to struct
function structArr = cellArray_2_structArray(cellArr) N = numel(cellArr); % N cells with 1 struct each structArr = r...

4 years ago | 0

Setting labels and titles of axes extremely slow
I think I found a nice workaround % (1) set all curves invsibile, for a good speed up for label handles retrieval axChild = ...

4 years ago | 1

"Attempt to modify the tree during an update traversal"
The best workaround seems to avoid changing the properties of the data tip within the text update function. First create a dat...

4 years ago | 0

How do I get the figure number in MATLAB R2014b?
For back-compatibility with versions previous to 2014b one can do the following v = version('-release'); vn=str2double(v(1:...

6 years ago | 1

Easy way to set camera viewing axis normal to a plane
I guess the following function should do, it is based on the fact that the conversion [x,y,z] to [az,el] to [x,y,z] is x...

8 years ago | 0