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Speech in noise mixing, signal to noise ratio
a simple function to mix a speech signal with a desired noise desired signal to noise ratios

3 years ago | 10 downloads |


Simple statistics for multi-channel EEG data
This is a compilation of easy to run statistical Tools of Event Related Potential Data

4 years ago | 7 downloads |


Interrupted speech generator
Automatically processes speech to produce interrupted speech for psychoa-acoustical experiments

4 years ago | 1 download |


Given a circular pizza with radius _z_ and thickness _a_, return the pizza's volume. [ _z_ is first input argument.] Non-scor...

4 years ago


Temporal Modulation Transfer Function Regression Fit
This program is designed to extract peak sensitivity and bandwidth from TMTF data

4 years ago | 1 download |


Rhythm analysis based on Modulation Spectrum
This can be used to study rhythm of short speech segments like phrases and sentences.

4 years ago | 2 downloads |


Hom many computers (personal) can the matlab 2016 student version be installed on?
Hi, I am interested in purchasing the matlab 2016 student license. I had two questions regarding the same. I have contacted ...

4 years ago | 1 answer | 0



How can I generated Speech Shaped Noise(SSN)
Hi, You can find a better version of code for generating the speech shaped noise in the attached link <http://in.mathwor...

4 years ago | 0


Speech Spectrum Shaped Noise
This is a program to developed speech spectrum shaped noise for audiological applications

4 years ago | 4 downloads |


Matrix Sentence Test - Stimuli shuffler
prepare the numerous sentences involved in creation of matrix sentence tests within seconds

5 years ago | 1 download |


consonant confusion matrix
Generates a confusion matrix for consonant identification task

6 years ago | 1 download |


Generating a complex tone with continuously changing fundamental frequency
Hi, can someone help me with the following I want to generate a 200 millisecond signal with 6th-15th harmonics of a fund...

6 years ago | 0 answers | 0




signal to noise ratio estimation for VEMP waveforms
signal to noise ratio estimation for VEMP waveforms

7 years ago | 2 downloads |



Program to analyze F0 of speech ABR in Matlab
This code can be used to spectrally analyze a an ABR ASCII waveform by windowing and zero padding.

7 years ago | 1 download |

Remove rows or cols whose elements are all NaN
Simplest is A(isnan(A))= [];

7 years ago | 0

ifft returns a complex signal from a real fft spectrum; i desire a real signal
Hi , why havent you tried adding multiple sine waves as below. fs = 44100; %sampling frequency dur = 1; %duration in se...

7 years ago | 0

Vertically stacked subplots with x-axis labels only at the bottom
Hi Douglas, Why dont you try turning the XTicks off for all the wavforms except the bottom one or ty using this use th...

7 years ago | 0

Read certain files from a directory in matlab?
Load the file within the 'for' loop and use the plot command followed by 'hold on' (use the hold on and plot within the loop) ...

7 years ago | 0

How can I generated Speech Shaped Noise(SSN)
Reading each file will take a rather long time, why dont you just normalize all the speech files, concatenate them and find the ...

8 years ago | 0

How can I generated Speech Shaped Noise(SSN)
This should beable to solve your problem... cheers.. file = uigetfile('*.wav', 'Select the wave file'); [data,fs] =...

8 years ago | 1

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Generate stimuli for Auditory Gap detection test
This Code is to generate Stimuli to be used for Auditory gap Detection Test

8 years ago | 3 downloads |


Generate lists of pseudorandom numbers to arrange for your stimuli lists
An simple code to generate pseudorandom lists

8 years ago | 0 downloads |


Second Order Amplitude Modulated Noise
Generation Second order amplitude modulated noise as described by Lorenzi(2001)

8 years ago | 2 downloads |