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Averaging data with slightly different time values
I noticed that your t_2 and x_2 variables are not the same length. Once you fixed that, this should work: t = linspace(0,ma...

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Solving system of ODEs and then get the optimum value for certain parameters.
I am not sure what type of input arguments the "fun1" needs, but it gives the following error when I try fun1(1,1): Output ...

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How to solve for three equations from a large array of equations?
Step 1: Rewrite each equation to add to zero. For example: # 5*x^2 + x*y = 4 # y^2 + z = 2 # x + 2*z = 0 becomes: # 5...

3 years ago | 0

how can I add label to rectangle object ?
I am not familiar with the 'draggable' function, but this should give you a text box in the middle of the square. text(pos(...

3 years ago | 1

Query regarding calculating frequency and amplitude
Hope this helps. %% Create sample data with 5 Hz sinosoid (Do not include this section in % your code) n = 1001; t...

3 years ago | 0

Finding min point of a second derivative function
You were almost there. Hope this helps. The zero in the differential is a bit crude (just to keep the vectors the same length), ...

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Border-less tight subplot (auto-refresh)
Creates subplot axes similar to the subplot function, but minimizes the white space between the different axes. Can be used for ...

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Simple Cartesian text arrow
Easy annotation-type 2D Cartesian (x- and y-coordinates) text arrow.

3 years ago | 6 downloads |