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I am a biomedical engineer. I have a PhD in Biomedical Informatics and a Masters in Library Science . My curriculum includes many graduate computer science courses. A medical engineering and information journal is to publish my research which applies neural networks to analyze medical images. I have developed new algorithms that detect anomalies in medical images and identify anatomical parts in an image. My algorithms temper unstable, finite dimensional linear systems, and are applicable to areas other than medical image analysis.I would like to share my algorithms with the MatLab community for solving ill-conditioned system, which are more stable and simpler than the MatLab SVD pinv() approach.
Professional Interests: biomedical engineering, image analysis


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Convert standardized solution to non-standardized in Linear Regression

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Converting standardized betas back to original variables
Solve with standardized data then map back the solution to non-standardized with this function:

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Computes Generalized Cross Validation for a given A and b.

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2 line code to compute the variance inflation factor of regressor matrix X.

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How can I determine the angle between two vectors in MATLAB?
acosd(CosTheta) will give you the same answer.

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Homework question I don't understand
Look at the plot for various x and R. Remember that R=4.6692016091 is a critical point. For example, if say x=.02 and R=4<4.6...

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tikhonov(U,s,V,b,lambda,x_0) Error
OK, I know what I was doing wrong. Instead of the full SVD I should have used the compact SVD, namely csvd. In a compact svd th...

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tikhonov(U,s,V,b,lambda,x_0) Error
I cant get tikhonov(U,s,V,b,lambda,x_0) to run even for a simple example given in Christian Hansen Package. Here it is includin...

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