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Antonio Cedillo Hernandez

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico

Active since 2015

PostDoctoral Full-Time Researcher. Conducting high quality research in the field of Computer Vision, Information Security, Image and Video processing, supported by relevant scientific publications in international and national scientific journals that are widely distributed and rely on experts for the evaluation of submitted manuscripts.

Active participation in international and national scientific conferences relevant to the research field


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save CIFAR-100 images
Hi Abo! I apologize if my answer is too late, but as there is 21 views of this question in last 30 days, so I will post my answe...

4 years ago | 6

Poor Matlab performance on Intel Xeon processor
Hi I used to have the same problem. To improve Matlab performance and take advantage of your hardware, please try the follow ...

7 years ago | 0

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