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Nicolas Ayotte

Université Laval

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I am a finishing Ph.D. candidate who has been doing research for five years in Integrated Photonics on all aspects of device creation from modeling, simulation and CAD design to fabrication and experimental testing. I have a lot of experience in the conception of complex integrated Bragg gratings in SOI. Specialties: Telecommunications, Bragg gratings, Silicon Photonics, Semiconductors, Silicon-On-Insulator, Coupled-Mode Theory, Fiber Lasers, Matlab programming, C++/ C# programming, LAPACK, BLAS, Lumerical FDTD Solutions, Lumerical Mode Solutions Professional Interests: integrated photonics, silicon photonics, simulations


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A library of functions to facilitate the design of Photonics Integrated Circuits GDS layouts

9 years ago | 44 downloads |



Cumulative Matrix Multiplication
This function takes a matrix A(n,n,m) and calculates the cumulative matrix product B(n,n)

9 years ago | 2 downloads |


Cumulative 2x2 Complex Matrix Multiplication
This takes a 2x2xm matrix and calculates the cumulative matrix multiplication along the 3rd diim.

9 years ago | 1 download |