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Guanglei Xiong

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If you find my contribution helpful. Please consider to cite the following two papers: (1) G. Xiong, X. Zhou, L. Ji, A. Degterev, and S. Wong, Automated Neurite Labeling and Analysis in Fluorescence Microscopy Images, Cytometry Part A, Vol. 69A, No. 6, pp. 494-505, 2006. (2) G. Xiong, X. Zhou, L. Ji, P. Bradley, N. Perrimon, and S. Wong, Automated Segmentation of Drosophila RNAi Fluorescence Cellular Images using Deformable Models, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems, Vol. 53, No. 11, pp. 2415-2424, 2006.

Professional Interests: image processing, geometric modeling


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Local Adaptive Thresholding
Threshold with local statistics, such as mean or median.

7 years ago | 14 downloads |



Fuzzy c-means thresholding
Thresholding by 3-class fuzzy c-means clustering.

7 years ago | 8 downloads |



Local Normalization
Reduce the difference of the illumination.

7 years ago | 1 download |


Gradient using first order derivative of Gaussian
Output the gradient image of a grayscale image

7 years ago | 5 downloads |