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How Far Can You Throw Something?
As you probably learned in your high school physics class, throwing an object at a 45 degree angle will give you the maximum ran...

7 years ago

Matlab R2015a Linux Font in GUI and figures much too big
Hey Bert, Do you mind posting a screenshot of the issue please?

7 years ago | 0


Sum all integers from 1 to 2^n
Given the number x, y must be the summation of all integers from 1 to 2^x. For instance if x=2 then y must be 1+2+3+4=10.

7 years ago


Swap the input arguments
Write a two-input, two-output function that swaps its two input arguments. For example: [q,r] = swap(5,10) returns q = ...

7 years ago


Times 2 - START HERE
Try out this test problem first. Given the variable x as your input, multiply it by two and put the result in y. Examples:...

7 years ago


Flag largest magnitude swings as they occur
You have a phenomenon that produces strictly positive or negative results. delta = [1 -3 4 2 -1 6 -2 -7]; Marching thr...

7 years ago


I am trying to code a non linear color map with some sort of amplitude modulation on it.
Please see the attached screenshot. I have been trying to design a colormap of the same sort but have failed. I think the sca...

9 years ago | 0 answers | 0



Why after plotting on axes the ButtonDownFcn doesn't work?
Jan, would I be expected to do the same incase I was using a function and not displaying a text. My code; set(handles....

9 years ago | 1