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Quant, Squash player, Musician, Iron Maiden trooper, Father, and Husband.

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Python, C++, C#, MATLAB, SQL, HTML, CSS, Fortran
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Mathematics and Optimization, Computational Finance, Portfolio Optimization and Asset Allocation


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Why does sqlread() not work?
@Alex, Walter is sort of right. If you want to use sqlread with a sqlite connection, you will probably have to establish tha...

4 months ago | 0

Unable to load .dll using load library. I get the error "dll file has different architecture than the host"
What is your localhost architecture? Or rather, what compiler do you have configured in Matlab, x64 or x86, or...? You may have ...

4 months ago | 0

if column 1 is nan, make corresponding number in column2 nan
Re-writing your code, with suggestion: Period = 1:100; F = 201:300; A = [Period', F']; % a random matrix Data = A; percent_...

4 months ago | 1

Access Sub-fields of multiple different-named fields in struct
If you want to access a dynamic structure, s, it must evaluate to a single valid field name. I don't think there is much penalty...

4 months ago | 0

Error in MATLAB COM Automation
You have not passed in your VBA variables a and b to the Matlab COM environment.

8 years ago | 0

How to save an Excel sheet as PDF through MATLAB?
First, set the print area within the workbook itself, then you'll need to call ExportAsFixedFormat on the *worksheet* or *workbo...

8 years ago | 3

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