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Douglas Leaffer

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Environmental Engineer focusing on engineered solutions to measure, monitor and mitigate adverse health impacts from noise and air pollution. PhD Candidate, Tufts University (MA) in Civil & Environmental Engineering.


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How do I convert tall array duration time vector to HH:mm:ss for merging with tall array datetime vector ?
Need some help with this. I have a tall array date vector 'yyyy-MM-dd' of datetime format, and a tall array time vector 'HH:mm:s...

7 months ago | 2 answers | 0



Hey there, I am trying to write a code for 2D-Mohr's circle and i need to generate a circle for x value of Sx, radius(r) of T.
ADD the following function call to your script: circle((S1+S2)/2, 0, Tm) % function call Then create a new function and save t...

1 year ago | 0