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How can I make the 'plot' function markers and lines transparent using 'alpha' or otherwise?
not sure if anyone is still following this, but for MATLAB's 'plot' function, color and transparency are specified as a 4 elemen...

1 year ago | 12

How to make only x-axis invisible (y-axis stays visible)?
h = gca; h.XAxis.Visible = 'off';

3 years ago | 1

Setting axes with center in origin (0,0) in plotted variables.
I am sure you are aware of the most straightforward solution to this is now available directly through MATLAB's axes option: ...

4 years ago | 7

get(0,'ScreenSize') can not get right screen size
Posted a solution to a similar problem here: <

4 years ago | 0

Figure of screen size
One solution to bypass the problem of being connected to different screens that might have different resolution (screen sizes), ...

4 years ago | 1

Define a RGBa color- transparency
You can modify most object colors with 4 input arguments (RGBa notation) in MATLAB (2015). E.g. rectangle(x,y,w,h,'facecolor',[0...

5 years ago | 0