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How to change the axis/ or view in at point cloud plot. And how to remove unwanted background?
Hi Annizette, You can use the view function to change the location of your camera position in your plot. See https://www.mathwo...

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Assign values to multiple subplots for secondary y axis
Frances, Are you attempting to keep each dataset (20N, 40N, ...) on it's own separate subplot? If so, you can try something lik...

2 months ago | 0

Interpolate NaN depth values in the bathymatry
A similiar question at StackOverflow might provide an answer

2 months ago | 0

Rotational Cross-Section Average
Hi Michel, If I understand correctly, you want the average value of a "slice" ( a single row) for the z coordinate. If so, we c...

2 months ago | 1

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