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Possible bug in Diagnostic Viewer for a switch block
Hello, I was experimenting with the Switch block, trying to select one or another vector simultaneously for different cases. ...

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Matlab Function outputs strange dimensions, despite these being explicitally defined
Hello all, I have created a fairly complex model in Simulink. For the sake of good understanding, I'm posting an image of ...

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Simulation of common source circuit.
Surely. To reduce the time step of your solver, click on the bottom right (where it says what solver is being used), and then cl...

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Matlab Simulink - simulation problem
<</matlabcentral/answers/uploaded_files/64583/Example.png>> >> plot(ToPlot) Whis plots into: <</matlabcentral/answers/u...

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I made a 2D color plot, how do I turn the plot into an animation or video of the points being put into place? Thanks
You might want to check out: doc animatedline Example from the documentation: *|Create the initial animated line obje...

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How to declare a global variable in a large Simulink model?
I don't know if it could be simply this, but did you declare the goto's visibility as global? <</matlabcentral/answers/upload...

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how to rotate a resistor in Simulink ?
As far as I know, and like Ced already pointed out, you can only rotate in 90° portions. And I'm not sure about the pertinenc...

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