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Alena Melic

TU Wien

Last seen: 2 months ago Active since 2021

I love to solve questions in Coding, I have not done before. So if you have one problem, that requires my thinking and my full attention, you can write me anytime!

I wrote a lot of codes, for example:
Clustering (different than suggested in the Mathworks Databank/Python Databank)

Video Stabilization Code, for extreme Conditions

Particle Tracking with KAZE Features and modified Euclidian Algorithm (80% to 93% accuracy, it depends on the data...)

Programming Languages:
Python, C++, C, Java, C#, PHP, MATLAB, HTML, Arduino, Shell, Assembly, VHDL, Visual Basic
Spoken Languages:
English, German, Spanish


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RANSAC for 2Dimensions
This file contains one explanation, how Ransac actually works(mainly from Wikipedia) and the Code for Ransac for 2D

4 months ago | 3 downloads |


I had a lot of problems, when I tried to cluster a pointcloud with Matlab Tools for my purposes. So I decided to write it by mys...

4 months ago | 1 download |