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How to freeze the range of y-axis on an axes on gui?
Currently (at R2018b) this operation is made easy through 'axis manual' command. figure; hold on; plot(1,1,'+') plot(2,2,'+'...

4 years ago | 1


plot inside a callback
# I started a blank GUIDE app # Created an axes. # Created a callback on _ButtonDownFcn_. # Just added _plot([0 rand], [0 ran...

6 years ago | 2 answers | 0



multiple line edit is not allowed on MATLAB file editor window?
I would upvote 1billion times this question. Matlab is a so powerful tool that is really becomed lame for its lacking-features ...

6 years ago | 2

Exported PDF figures have inaccurate dimensions
I had a quite similar problem. In my case all works fine with certain *PaperSize* (such as those of A4 paper), but when I print...

6 years ago | 0

cut figure I want to see
Hi, I'm not sure if this is the case, but I have a problem that looks like the image I attached. There are 4 triangles: 3 "legs...

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