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Sundar Krishnan

Last seen: 2 years ago Active since 2004

Corrected : Sum of Squares (Aug 05) and Poly_POWER (Jul 05)

Codes submitted so far :

1) GCD: a) Modified GCD b) GCD of Complex Nos c) GCD of Polynomials

2) Polynomials raised to some Power including Fractional Power

3) Chinese Rem Theorem: a) for Integers b) for Polynomials

4) Eisenstein-Jacobi Prime Integer Pair

5) Continued Fractions and Inf Determinants

5) Diophantine, Sum Of Squares

6) Euler_Phi, Factoring Techniques

7) Properties of certain types of Matrices

Some of these codes have been developed in the belief that they could be useful in some form, in the areas of Error Correction Coding, Arithmetic Coding and may be, to some extent in Data Compression. These could probably help answer some queries which could arise when we analyse or learn topics in Video Compression. However, I have no concrete proof yet, that these could help directly in those areas, but atleast, that has been my background thinking.

My areas of interest are Video Compression, DSP, Maths and 3G.

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