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Fujian Normal University

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Recognizing Far-Near Relations of Clusters by GDEM, Visualization by Line-Pearl Pattern
measure far-near degrees (distances) between clusters & dense degrees of border regions of clusters

10 years ago | 1 download |



Fast Affinity Propagation Clustering under Given Number of Clusters
Fast searching the given number of clusters

12 years ago | 1 download |


Adaptive Affinity Propagation clustering
advantage of speed & performance appears under large number of clusters & large dataset

13 years ago | 7 downloads |


CVAP: Cluster Validity Analysis Platform (cluster analysis and validation tool)
supplying over 17 validity indices and 5 clustering algorithms based on GUI

13 years ago | 4 downloads |


(simple) Tool for estimating the number of clusters
12 validity indices, illustrate estimation of the number of clusters

13 years ago | 5 downloads |


Estimating the number of clusters via System Evolution
estimate number of clusters for far clusters, small-larger clusters, slightly overlapping clusters

13 years ago | 2 downloads |


Semi-supervised Affinity Propagation clustering
embed Silhouette index into iterations of Affinity propagation clustering to supervise its running

13 years ago | 1 download |