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Read .avw files extraced from the Analyze Mayo Clinic software
I haven't been able to sit down and write code for this, but believe the first 4096 bytes of the AVW files are the header. Here...

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Finding average of every nth row?
These answers work when dim=1 but appears to fail for ndims =2 (multiple columns). To average nRows together (variable "gps") f...

5 years ago | 1

Find closest value in array
To compute the closest value in a vector “N” for each element of “V”, try the following code with example vectors “N” and “V”: ...

5 years ago | 18

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Loading a pre-running function into a static Text Box.
1) Be sure to pass the "handles" variable to your subfunctions, so they can "communicate" with your GUI as properties (e.g. stri...

7 years ago | 0

Error message: Undefined function or variable 'divide'.
For element by element division, just use ./ (use of / *without* the leading period is matrix division, likely *not* what you wa...

7 years ago | 0

Distance between 2 points in an image.
Check *ginput* function can get multiple x & y, then do (pseud...

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I'd like to force my exponential fit to start at [0 0]
Not sure if it will fix it, but remember an exponential function can never equal zero unless your A1 & A2 are both 0 (which you ...

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