DAPtools for MATLAB

Data Acquisition Processor Interface


  • MATLAB driver for data acquisition processor boards
  • Fully implemented REX MEX DLL functions
  • Real-time acquisition and processing


Microstar Laboratories TM manufactures add-in boards for PC-based real-time data acquisition and control. Every board has its own processor and operating system. Onboard intelligence allows high-speed I/O, transparent expansion, and real-time processing including DSP and network access all free from PC-induced delays. DAPtools for MATLAB allow a user to communicate with a Data Acquisition Processor using the MATLAB programming environment. It integrates the processing power of a Data Acquisition Processor with the powerful technical computing environment of MATLAB.

MATLAB performs high-level numeric computation and visualization of data sets. DAPtools for MATLAB allow acquired and processed data from a Data Acquisition Processor to be further manipulated and molded under MATLAB. This extends the capabilities of data manipulation to suit the specific requirements of an application. MEX DLL files and a set of sample MATLAB code are included in DAPtools for MATLAB.

Microstar Laboratories

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Required Products


  • Windows


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Product Type

  • Data Acquisition Systems


  • Data Acquisition or Import
  • Process Control and Monitoring
  • Real-Time Systems
  • Vibration Analysis and Control


  • Industrial Automation and Machinery
  • Instrumentation