Data Acquisition Hardware

Control, configure, and acquire live data from Data Translation hardware


  • USB and PCI data acquisition hardware enabling high-performance or low-cost measurements
  • Easy connections with USB and BNC allow fast, efficient measurements
  • Up to 32 analog input channels at 500 kS/s and 16-bit resolution (DT9834)
  • Four deglitched analog waveform output channels at 500 kS/s each (DT9834)
  • Five 32-bit up-down user counter/timers (DT9834)
  • Thirty-two high-speed, high-drive digital input/output lines (DT9834)


Easy connections with USB and BNC allow fast, efficient measurements.

Data Translation manufactures high-performance, high-accuracy, general purpose, and low-cost data acquisition hardware. They offer a wide range of both USB "plug-and-play" and PCI-based data acquisition modules, from low-cost to high-performance.

For high-performance applications, the DT9834-16-4-16-BNC is a multifunction data acquisition module for USB 2.0. For analog input, the DT9834 provides up to 32 channels of high performance (500 kS/s), and high quality (16-bit) signal capture, supporting rich analysis, visualization, and modeling. For analog output, the DT9834 provides four separate deglitched, high-resolution (16-bit) DACs that run at 500 kS/s simultaneously for pure signal generation. Five 32-bit user counter/timers are available for high-speed (5 MHz) frequency measurement, rate generation, one-shot generation, and up-down counting applications. Thirty-two digital input/output lines are available for pattern matching, time stamping, and synchronizing and controlling external events. USB data acquisition modules offer instrument-grade acquisition capabilities with fast installation and set up. The hardware can be installed immediately without powering down the computer.

Data Translation hardware can be configured and controlled in MATLAB, allowing you to bring measurements directly into MATLAB for immediate analysis, visualization, and modeling. All of Data Translation's USB and PCI hardware, which support their DT-Open Layers, interface using MATLAB with the Data Acquisition Toolbox and a driver (called the DAQ Adaptor for MATLAB), which is available at no charge from the Data Translation Web site.

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