EnPower Battery Pack Design Suite

Web-based software for battery pack design and rapid simulation


  • Optimized battery pack design through proprietary design algorithms
  • Rapid simulation and system comparison
  • Extensive database of 300+ standard cells of various form factors and chemistries
  • Models for novel and commercial batteries and ultracapacitors
  • Ability to add custom cells with customer-provided data for simulations
  • Database of preloaded drive cycles for simulations


Electra Vehicles, Inc. created EnPower™ Battery Pack Design Suite to give engineers access to the pack-level cell selection, simulation, and comparison necessary to develop optimal systems. Included in EnPower is a database of 300+ cells including novel cell chemistries, ultracapacitors, and commercially available batteries. 

EnPower is web-based battery design and simulation software that ensures the best battery cell model is selected for your e-Mobility application. This allows you to select and prototype your next battery system before embarking on the extensive battery pack modeling process. EnPower simulation results can be directly exported as PDF reports or as MAT-files containing Simulink® Battery block parameters to interface with your existing MATLAB® and Simulink design workflow. 

With EnPower as part of the Simulink workflow, and its database of 300+ cells, engineers can quickly validate their selected cells or modify their selection very quickly. This shortens the battery design cycle dramatically. Additionally, Electra provides real-time analytics and 360° adaptive onboard controls with EVE-Ai™. These AI-based algorithms extend the range and lifetime and optimize the performance of any battery system for EVs or for EV fleets.

The EnPower Battery Pack Design Suite allows for seamless export of detailed battery data into Simulink models for engineers to use for more advanced simulation. Simulink users can easily select a specific battery cell for their model and the EnPower integration will seamlessly parameterize the underlying Datasheet Battery block (included with Powertrain Blockset) with the proper battery data.

Electra also provides the EnPower Battery Data Kit for MATLAB.  This data kit is a MATLAB application that previews the functionality of the full EnPower Battery Pack Design Suite on a select group of industry-leading battery cells.


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