FTire and FTire/link

Physical tire modeling


  • Physically-based model
  • Very fast and flexible
  • Numerically robust
  • Optional advanced on line animation
  • Interfaces to Simscape Multibody and Simscape Driveline
  • Valuable free additional tools for parameterization and validation


FTire (Flexible Ring Tire Model) is a full 3-D, nonlinear, in-plane and out-of-plane tire simulation model. FTire is designed for vehicle comfort simulations on road irregularities even with extremely short wave lengths. At the same time, it serves as a physically-based, highly nonlinear, and dynamic tire model for handling characteristics under the above mentioned excitation conditions. FTire is fast (cycle time only 5 to 20 times real-time) and numerically robust. It focuses on ease of data supply, is subject to permanent improvement, and shows very good correlation to measurements.

FTire is well-known and frequently applied by CAE departments in the car and tire industry. It is well suited both for classical MBS suspension simulation and for advanced chassis control systems simulation. FTire/link is a Simulink blockset, that uses well tested C++ (level-2) S-functions to couple FTire to user-defined vehicle models in Simulink. Even if FTire/link comes as a 'classical' Simulink blockset, it can easily be used both in Simscape Multibody (by connecting with the body sensor and body actuator blocks), and in Simscape Driveline (with the aid of motion sensor and torque actuator blocks).

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