Octahedron Consulting Services

Professional, high-quality MATLAB consulting, training and contract work


  • 30 years of software development experience
  • World-class MATLAB expert and contributor to the MATLAB community
  • Author of the “Undocumented MATLAB” blog and books on advanced MATLAB programming
  • Well-documented, fault-tolerant, scalable, backward-compatible, high-performance code
  • Consistently high rating from multiple repeat clients
  • Able to work remotely, on-site at your location, or a combination


Octahedron's consulting services are led by Yair Altman, a physicist and computer scientist with 30 years of professional software development experience, with a primary focus on MATLAB. Yair is recognized as a world-class MATLAB expert by the MATLAB community. He is a regular contributor to MATLAB File Exchange, and has been a member of the MathWorks Community Advisory Board (CAB) for several years. He created and maintains the popular “Undocumented MATLAB” blog.

Yair is a strong communicator who brings a commitment to deliver on time, on budget, and with high quality and strong attention to detail.  As evidenced by his popular and highly-rated utilities on MATLAB File Exchange, the code he creates is very well-documented, fault-tolerant, scalable, backward-compatible, and highly performant. Beyond basic programming, areas of specialty include complex algorithms, performance tuning, I/O, GUI, and integration with external software, devices, and online services. Yair has experience in multiple programming languages, databases and operating systems.

Yair has delivered working software and managed numerous iterations of the software life cycle: requirements definition, design, development, documentation, integration, QA testing, deployment, handover, training, support, and maintenance for clients. Octahedron can help your project in all stages of development, from concept definition, through design, development, testing and maintenance. We can advise on development alternatives and tradeoffs, suggest potential improvements, coach your team on advanced MATLAB topics and best practices, solve a particular problem, or design and/or develop scalable robust high-performance modules or even create entire programs.

Octahedron relies on satisfied, repeat clients. Applications have been developed for multitude fields, including finance, medical, engineering, aerospace, automotive, energy, industry, web applications, real-time systems, and data-analysis. Past projects include:

  • Creating custom GUI components, analysis functions, or entire MATLAB programs to solve a problem
  • Designing and developing scalable, robust, high-performance modules or complete programs
  • Fixing functional bugs, performance bottlenecks, and compatibility issues in existing programs
  • Improving the appearance, functionality, robustness, and performance of existing programs
  • Connecting programs to external software, hardware, and data services
  • Testing/analyzing code for correctness, robustness, and potential problems
  • Advising customers on development alternatives, tradeoffs, and compatibility
  • Coaching customer teams in advanced MATLAB techniques and best practices
  • Providing expert testimonials acceptable by courts of law

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  • Data Acquisition or Import
  • Data Analysis and Statistics
  • Computational Finance
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  • MATLAB Programming


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