Polynomial Toolbox

Polynomial methods for systems, signals, and control


  • Over 200 MATLAB ® code files for polynomials and polynomial matrices
  • Consists of objects, overloaded operations, functions, equation solvers, and graphics
  • New generation of numerical algorithms
  • System and signal models based on polynomial matrix fractions
  • Analysis and design tools for control and filters
  • Classical, optimal, and robust design


Polynomial Toolbox can be used with MATLAB for polynomials and polynomial matrices and their application in systems, signals, and control. Polynomial Toolbox allows you to easily define, display, and handle polynomial matrices with real and complex coefficients; use many overloaded operations and functions; generate 2D and 3D color plots of polynomial matrices; and work with polynomial matrix fraction descriptions of LTI systems. The toolbox can also solve various linear and quadratic polynomial matrix equations, analyze and design control systems and filters by polynomial methods, and solve classical, optimal, and robust design problems. Polynomial Toolbox is based on a new generation of numerical algorithms and provides a user interface to edit polynomial matrices.

Users of Polynomial Toolbox include control engineers involved in control systems analysis and design, communication engineers with an interest in filter design, and teachers of university courses in linear systems, signals, and control. It provides a Simulink® blockset for LTI systems described by polynomial matrix fractions and supports conversion to and from LTI systems described by polynomial matrix fractions. It also supports conversion to and from LTI objects of Control System Toolbox and polynomial objects defined in Symbolic Math Toolbox.

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