Signal processing and detection for data storage devices


  • Full-featured partial response maximum likelihood (PRML) read channel model
  • Channel parameter optimization
  • Bit error rate projection for head/media qualification and design
  • Training and detailed user manual available
  • MATLAB consulting and customization available


PRMLpro, a user interface combined with a sophisticated PRML read channel model, is useful for many baseband applications. It includes individual screens for binary data sector creation (including scrambler, RLL endec and precoder functions); waveform creation (supports oscilloscope files, sinc pulses, Lorentzian/Gaussian pulses and step functions; includes media noise model); continuous-time filtering, discrete-time filtering (with LMS adaptation of the FIR), adding noise (white and colored) and distortion (thermal asperities, disk defects), and detailed analysis of the Viterbi detection algorithm. Its integrated screens combine all the front-end processing listed above with ac coupling, readback non-linearity compensation, nested gain, timing and filter adaptation loops, and a whitening filter. The Detection and Analysis screen provides a generalized target Viterbi detector, frame sync detector, and many analysis features. These include correlations, histograms, and BER projections based on internal detector metrics.

PRMLpro is used by read channel engineers working on hard disk drives, tape drives, and optical drives to save money on read channel development, integration, trouble shooting, and failure analysis. Head/media qualification and evaluation engineers and component designers also use PRMLpro because it provides a single system-level metric (projected BER) that can be used to assess in-drive performance of new components. You can easily include PRMLpro output with your existing MATLAB functions. You can also customize PRMLpro graphs and add your own variables to the graphs. The PRMLpro for MATLAB edit boxes support embedding of MATLAB commands, such as conv and matrix indexing.

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Required Products


  • Windows

Product Type

  • Data Analysis Tools


  • Digital Signal Processing
  • MATLAB Programming
  • Data storage


  • Computer Electronics
  • Instrumentation