Thermodynamic Simulation

Dynamic simulation of thermodynamic systems


  • Analyzes heat exchanges in engine boxes or industrial environments
  • Simulates dynamics of air conditioning systems
  • Plot or print results, including overlapping to experimental data
  • Export results for post-processing


THERBOX performs dynamic simulations of heat exchanges in closed environments. As an agile tool that stands halfway between complex FEM codes and highly simplified analytical models, THERBOX is well suited for fast preliminary calculations. It takes into account conduction, convection, and radiation, as well as masking due to an object's shape and placement when computing mutual radiation form factors. THERBOX uses simple form objects that can be automatically meshed and interactively placed in the environment. Boundary conditions, such as surface air velocities and temperatures, are stated through simple time-dependent functions. THERBOX users include car manufacturers, designers of electronics hardware and ovens, and interior designers.

CONDIZ dynamically simulates an automotive air conditioning system by calculating the thermodynamic behavior of the whole process including the refrigeration system, inlet and delivery air ducts, and passenger compartment. This tool is used for designing air conditioning systems and provides indications about system performance. It also lets you identify the most effective design and temperature settings for controllers. It features thermal dynamics of passenger compartment (considered as a single air mass zone), thermal dynamics of piping systems and heat exchangers, quasi-steady refrigeration cycle thermodynamics using BWR equations, variable flow rate of compressor, and flow rate of circulating air as a function of vehicle speed.

These products were developed using the GUIDE tool in MATLAB ®. They provide user-friendly interfaces which do not require users to know MATLAB and Simulink in detail.


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