Satellite Navigation (SatNav) Toolbox

Simulation and analysis software for GPS and Galileo


  • GPS, Galileo, and Geo (WAAS, EGNOS) simulation and analysis toolbox
  • Pseudo-range and carrier-phase measurement generation
  • Error source emulation (multipath, noise, troposphere, ionosphere)
  • Stand-alone positioning, DGPS, differential carrier-phase
  • Real data processing through RINEX support
  • Over forty examples and demo programs included


P(Y)-Code pseudorange positioning with
tropospheric and dual-frequency ionospher

The Satellite Navigation (SatNav) Toolbox is a collection of MATLAB code files for total system simulation. GPS, Galileo, geo-stationary (WAAS, EGNOS), and user-definable satellite constellations are emulated, along with the raw measurements (pseudo-range and carrier-phase) formed by the receiver. Functions are provided that allow users to process the measurements for stand-alone position solutions as well as differential GPS (DGPS) and differential carrier-phase processing. The toolbox also helps users process real data with RINEX support, as well as satellite constellation analysis (both broadcast ephemeris and almanac).

Users include scientists, engineers, university educators, and students who need to simulate and analyze satellite-based navigation systems. The toolbox is delivered as a set of MATLAB Code files. The SatNav Toolbox is fully compatible with the GPSoft Inertial Navigation System (INS) Toolbox, which allows for simulation of integrated GPS and INS applications. GPSoft also offers hands-on training courses using the SatNav Toolbox to provide engineering professionals with practical experience in simulating and analyzing global navigation satellite systems.


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Product Type

  • Data Analysis Tools


  • Data Analysis and Statistics
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