Simulation of sound generation and propagation inside ducts


  • Acoustics simulation
  • Analysis of duct networks
  • 1D flow calculation
  • Design and optimization of mufflers and silencers
  • Pulsations in pipeline networks
  • Two-port theory in the plane wave region


SIDLAB is a combination of software solutions for the analysis of sound propagation inside duct networks. It is used in the design and optimization of exhaust systems for different applications. The SIDLAB software leverages similar code for all types of duct acoustic applications in research, teaching, and consulting. 

SIDLAB Acoustics is used for modeling the propagation of low-frequency sound in complex duct networks. The frequency range is restricted to the plane wave region in the connecting pipes. It is based on the two-port theory, where each element is described by a transfer matrix. 

SIDLAB Flow is an add-on product for SIDLAB Acoustics. It calculates the flow distribution and pressure drop inside the network, and feeds the results into the acoustic simulation in SIDLAB Acoustics. 

SIDLAB Measurement is an independent module that calculates the passive properties of muffler elements from the measured data. 

SIDLAB products are offered as open source code, enabling advanced users to perform custom analyses. Calculation time is typically a few seconds on a normal PC. Postprocessing within SIDLAB is simple and straightforward, and users can save the results in different formats.

SIDLAB is coded in MATLAB, enabling advanced users to access the source code to make their own modifications and easily perform preprocessing and postprocessing. Users can create links to MATLAB modules, such as acoustic FEM, to generate new element models. All SIDLAB results can be opened in MATLAB for further custom postprocessing.


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