Universal Debug Engine

C/C++ hardware debugger for deeply embedded systems


  • Multicore debugging with a consistent user interface supporting heterogeneous systems 
  • Modern user interface with perspectives and advanced easy-to-use docking features
  • Fast and reliable connection to different debug and trace interfaces 
  • COM-based software API to control debugger functionality from external tools 


The Universal Debug Engine® UDE is a professional framework for debugging, trace, and test of multicore SoCs and microcontrollers. UDE combines a comprehensive feature set for high-level-language (HLL) and assembly- level debugging, run-time observation, system visualization, and system-level analysis with efficiency and ease of use.

The Universal Debug Engine supports debug and trace of 32-bit and 64-bit SoCs with comfortable multicore debugging and visualization. This includes synchronous start, stop, and single-stepping using flexible core groups and multicore breakpoints. Parallel capturing and visualization of multiple trace sources are also provided. 

The trace data analysis offers visualization of task and code execution. Code coverage without influencing the runtime behavior is also supported. A profiling function provides runtime information for efficient detection of bottlenecks in applications. A block-graphical user interface allows an easy configuration of on-chip trace filters and trigger logic. 

The Universal Debug Engine features an open software API, based on the Microsoft Component Object Model (COM). It is the basis for debug and test automation via scripting and interfacing with third-party tools. MATLAB® and several other scripting and programming languages are supported such as Python, Perl, Java, PowerShell, C/C++, and .NET. Developers can execute and control code generated with Embedded Coder® (from MathWorks) as well as hand-written code on embedded systems using MATLAB scripts that utilize the COM based software API.


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