Tool for design and development of distributed systems


  • Run your simulation in MATLAB ® and Simulink ®, incorporating CANoe models and bus connectivity such as CAN, LIN, FlexRay, Ethernet, MOST
  • Run your simulation in CANoe, incorporating models generated from Simulink
  • Test your application in the CAN environment
  • Simulate complex ECUs for CANoe simulations
  • Model complex applications for ECUs
  • Reuse application models after testing


CANoe is a distributed-system design tool that extends the boundaries of network development to include complex application behavior. CANoe supports both node and system development, as well as node emulation and physical interconnection to real modules. It is capable of real-time execution. CANoe includes a node front panel design tool to define a user interface, plus an integrated database to define network data variables, network nodes, messages, and application data variables. Distributed product development, system level testing, incremental integration, evaluation of design alternatives, module emulation, and module testing are all simple to accomplish using CANoe.

CANoe is used by system designers, system integrators, developers of networks and ECUs, and for testing purposes in all phases of the development process. CANoe can be used with MATLAB and Simulink both online and offline. In online mode, you can build a Windows DLL with Simulink, Simulink Coder, and the CANoe Target. You can use this DLL as an ECU model in CANoe to simulate the rest of the bus behavior. Offline, you can run the simulation in MATLAB and Simulink while CANoe provides the communication busses.

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