Solve multiple maxima, multiple minima, and nonsmooth optimization problems

Global Optimization Toolbox provides functions that search for global solutions to problems that contain multiple maxima or minima. The toolbox includes global search, multistart, pattern search, genetic algorithm, multiobjective genetic algorithm, simulated annealing, and particle swarm solvers. You can use these solvers to solve optimization problems where the objective or constraint function is continuous, discontinuous, stochastic, does not possess derivatives, or includes simulations or black-box functions.

You can improve solver effectiveness by setting options and customizing creation, update, and search functions. You can use custom data types with the genetic algorithm and simulated annealing solvers to represent problems not easily expressed with standard data types. The hybrid function option lets you improve a solution by applying a second solver after the first.


Solving Optimization Problems

Select a solver and define an optimization problem, set and inspect optimization options, run optimization problems and visualize results, and more.

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Global Search and Multistart Solvers

Use global search and multistart solvers use gradient-based methods to return local and global minima.

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Genetic Algorithm Solver

Solve optimization problems by mimicking principles of evolution, modifying a population of individual points using rules modeled on gene combinations.

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Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm Solver

Solve multiobjective optimization problems by identifying the Pareto front—the set of evenly distributed nondominated optimal solutions.

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Pattern Search Solver

Use three direct search algorithms: generalized pattern search (GPS), generating set search (GSS), and mesh adaptive search (MADS).

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Simulated Annealing Solver

Solve optimization problems using a probabilistic search algorithm that mimics the physical process of annealing,

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Parallel Computing

Use parallel computing capabilities to decrease time to solution.

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