Optimization App

The Optimization app is included in Global Optimization Toolbox. You can find it, along with the rest of the apps for your installed products, by clicking the Apps tab in the MATLAB Toolstrip.

The Optimization app simplifies common optimization tasks. It enables you to:

  • Select a solver and define an optimization problem
  • Set and inspect optimization options and their default values for the selected solver
  • Run problems and visualize intermediate and final results
  • View solver-specific documentation in the optional quick reference window
  • Import and export problem definitions, algorithm options, and results between the MATLAB® workspace and the Optimization app
  • Automatically generate MATLAB code to capture work and automate tasks

Apps are interactive MATLAB programs you can use without writing any code. Most toolboxes come with apps, and you can download more for free from the MATLAB File Exchange. You can also package and share your own apps.