MATLAB Grader for LMS

Integrate MATLAB Grader into any learning environment

You can integrate MATLAB Grader™ into learning platforms such as Open edX®, Blackboard® Learn, D2L Brightspace®, Instructure® Canvas, Moodle™, or Sakai®, or any other learning management system (LMS) that supports industry standards, including LTI 1.1, LTI 1.3, and Caliper Analytics.

MATLAB Grader provides outcomes from automated assessments that feed directly to your grade book or learning analytics platform, giving you progress tracking and reporting in the tools you use every day for course management.

If you don’t have access to an LMS, you can still use all the assessment features of MATLAB Grader in a hosted assessment environment provided by MathWorks.

Moodle, Blackboard, Brightspace, D2L

Get Started with Integration

MATLAB Grader is available in the most popular app stores for LMS platforms. You can check your LMS to see if MATLAB Grader is listed in your app store. Learn about the integration process for your specific vendor:

When you are ready, talk to your Account Representative or Contact Support so that you can be added as an admin on your school’s license. Then you can begin the integration process by logging in to with your MathWorks Account. In most cases, you can complete the integration of MATLAB Grader into your LMS in less than an hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Privacy and standards

  • Q: Does MATLAB Grader support LTI industry standards?
  • A: Yes, MATLAB Grader is currently IMS LTI 1.0, 1.1, and 1.3 Certified.
  • Q: What information is sent to MATLAB Grader when connected to my LMS?
  • A: MathWorks does not require personally identifiable information about your students to work in the context of your LMS. At a minimum we require the user’s role (i.e., instructor or student) and the LTI user ID that your LMS assigns for the launch request. For further questions about what is contained in the LTI specification, refer to the specification and implementation guide provided by IMS for the version of LTI being used or contact the LMS vendor.
  • Q: Does MATLAB Grader work at universities that must adhere to GDPR?
  • A: Yes, faculty and LMS administrators who have concerns about the collection of student data or need a solution that meets GDPR requirements are in control over what data to share—or not share—with MathWorks.

Academic integrity

  • Q: Does MATLAB Grader support quizzes, exams, and other high-stakes assessment?
  • A: Yes, you can use MATLAB Grader assessments for high stakes assessments such as quizzes and exams. It should work well for a variety of assessments based on grading MATLAB code to validate student mastery of MATLAB skills and/or academic topics.
  • Q: Does MATLAB Grader work in proctored examinations, labs, or in secure locked-down browsers?
  • A: Yes, you can use MATLAB Grader in conjunction with many proctoring solutions, whether you are using MATLAB Grader in your LMS or the hosted version at A configuration of your proctoring solution may be required. See this MATLAB Answers article for more information.
  • Q: Does MATLAB Grader perform similarity scoring or detect cheating?
  • A: MATLAB Grader currently does not support built-in similarity scoring; however, you can use the assignment-level report in MATLAB Grader to export all student solutions to a file to use in your preferred similarity scoring engine.

Technical and licensing

  • Q: Can I use MATLAB Grader in multiple LMS platforms using the same license?
  • A: Yes, there are no limitations to the number of platforms used, so long as all the learners accessing the LMS are enrolled students and covered under your university's Campus-Wide License or Community and Technical College License. You can use the same license in multiple LMS platforms from different vendors or in different contexts (development, staging, test, and production) on the same platform.

    Instructors can access previously built course content that ran on other LMS platforms.