Additional System Requirements

Algorithm Packaging Requirements

MATLAB Compiler SDK is required to package MATLAB programs as deployed archives that run on MATLAB Production Server. Please note that to run MATLAB Compiler SDK, you need MATLAB Compiler.

Server System Requirements

MATLAB Production Server can be installed on all hardware platforms and operating systems that MATLAB supports, including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. The server software requires the following for installation and operation:

  • Minimum 10 GB of disk capacity to accommodate the server software installation and log files
  • Minimum 512 MB RAM per worker to be deployed
  • MATLAB Runtime R2012b (v8.0) or later. The MATLAB Runtime version number must match the version of MATLAB you used to package the deployed archive (filename.ctf).
  • Allocation of one processor core (or virtual core) per worker to be deployed (recommended)

MATLAB Production Server runs MATLAB programs packaged using MATLAB Compiler (R2012b - R2014b) or MATLAB Compiler SDK (R2015a and later).

Client System Requirements

A set of client libraries is provided for making connections to MATLAB Production Server from various development environments.

Client Requirements
Java JRE/JDK 1.5 or higher
.NET .NET Framework 4.5
C/C++ Supported and Compatible Compilers
Python Python 2.7

Networking Requirements

Network connectivity between the client and MATLAB Production Server must be available via TCP port 9910, which is the default listening port on the server. The TCP port on which MATLAB Production Server listens can be modified if this port is restricted or not available. There is no need to have network access outside the data center unless there are clients outside the data center accessing MATLAB Production Server.