Simscape Multibody

Simscape Multibody Import from Onshape

CAD assemblies can be exported from Onshape® CAD starting with R2016b. You can use Onshape software to model 3-D mechanical systems. Importing CAD assemblies into Simscape Multibody™ enables you to integrate mechanical design with dynamic, multidomain simulation. The benefits you receive from this integration include:

  • Fewer iterations on mechanical design because requirements are refined
  • Fewer mechanical prototypes because mistakes are caught earlier
  • Reduced system cost because components are not oversized
  • Less system downtime because system is debugged using virtual commissioning

To get started using Onshape, you will need to open an Onshape account (free and paid plans).

The capability to import from Onshape ships with Simscape Multibody starting in R2017a. R2016b users can download the files enabling import from Onshape from the MATLAB Central File Exchange.

Onshape example assemblies for import into Simscape Multibody:

For more information, see documentation pages for: