Working in Restricted Mode in Simscape

To use models containing blocks from Simscape add-on products (Simscape Battery, Simscape Driveline, Simscape Electrical, Simscape Fluids, and Simscape Multibody) in Restricted mode, you must have these products installed on your machine.

Before installing the Simscape add-on products, make sure that MATLAB, Simulink, and Simscape are installed and activated on your machine.

To install the Simscape add-on products:

  1. Go to web downloads and download the ISO corresponding to the installed MATLAB Update level. You must be a license administrator to download an ISO archive of the MATLAB installer.

  2. Mount the ISO and run the Installer

  3. Select “I have a File Installation Key” from Advanced Options

    Working in Restricted Mode in Simscape
  4. Read and accept the terms of the MathWorks license agreement and click Next.

  5. Enter the File Installation Key (FIK) and select Next.

    R2024a 40100-46386-55140-45580-11194
    R2023b 40274-65084-30670-29692-58660
    R2023a 44760-34888-63404-07079-46369
    R2022b 25721-20871-04543-12393-15956
    R2022a 20526-32510-46712-63418
    R2021b 13900-10317-02947-23405
    R2021a 26372-64557-32728-60994
    R2020b 30471-23333-01435-47925
    R2020a 62160-34678-14516-11234
    R2019b 46760-32882-35562-07356
    R2019a 44708-28529-39254-05695
    R2018b 01221-07550-63196-48248
    R2018a 53266-25228-03064-20409
    R2017b 01295-45928-14479-50299
    R2017a 53865-03825-52274-21311
    R2016b 23883-27337-48194-63803
    R2016a 51796-32375-25296-54860
    R2015b 52965-57859-04135-19462
    R2015a 51109-53125-04586-14371
    R2014b 29797-39064-48306-32452
    R2014a 54200-43653-20276-14827
    R2013b 54464-43756-13013-24394
    R2013a 07351-24066-27338-63644
    R2012b 23809-26556-08469-31324
    R2012a 25716-63335-16746-06072
    R2011b 55378-15621-26167-61826
    R2011a 27426-31172-01132-01549
    R2010b 01480-23669-47171-24549
    R2010a 47581-10043-50171-03443
    R2009b 35483-12239-22082-28234
    R2009a 50589-47126-12472-25926
    R2008b 01465-31563-15305-58127
    R2008a 59364-09644-42779-14086
  6. Leave the field “Select license file” blank and click Next.

  7. Browse to the folder where your MathWorks products are installed and click Next.

  8. Select the products you wish to install.

  9. Confirm your selections and click Install.

You should now be able to use models containing Simscape add-on products in Restricted mode.