Simulink Report Generator

Automate Report Generation from Simulink Models and Simulations

Create report programs using the Report API and Document Object Model (DOM) API to document, archive, and share information from your models and simulation results.

Extend MATLAB Report Generator to Document Models

Speed up report program development by using the MATLAB Report Generator APIs together with report objects that are specialized for Simulink models. Create reports in PDF, Microsoft Word, and HTML with one report program. Define report layouts and formatting with templates.

Extract Elements from Your Models with Finders

Use finder objects to speed up finding model elements like diagrams, blocks, Stateflow charts, transitions, and more.

Using finder objects.

Using finder objects.

Report on Model Elements with Reporters

Simplify adding formatted content to your document. Use reporter objects to include results from finders in your report.

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Documentation for Model-Based Design

Generate workflow-specific reports.

Automatically Generate System Specification Reports

Capture summary or detailed information about a system design and its associated requirements represented by a Simulink model. Archive the system design in a format independent of the modeling environment. Include descriptions and documentation from the model.

System design description (SDD) report from a model.

System design description (SDD) report from a model. 

Create Interactive Calibration Guides

Generate compact and navigable reports from Simulink models with the Embedded Web View API. These reports include a user interface with guide content, an embedded web view, and hyperlinks between the web view and the guide report text. The resulting guide runs in any standard browser without requiring MATLAB or Simulink.

Archive Design Descriptions Generated from Models

Create snapshots of the development process and enable reviews of each stage by saving web views of a model over time.

Generate Browser-Accessible Model Archives

Create web views of your Simulink models that look the same in a web browser as models viewed in the Simulink editor. Use the model hierarchy to navigate to a specific subsystem and view properties of blocks, signals, and scopes. Search by name and highlight Simulink elements such as parameters, signals, and blocks. Share web views royalty-free with colleagues who do not have Simulink installed.