Variant Manager for Simulink

Manage, configure, and analyze variants in your system with the Variant Manager for Simulink® support package. Capture the variation that occurs within algorithms, components, parameters, and interfaces.

With Variant Manager, you can:

  • Create or generate predefined variant configurations
  • Switch configurations to control multiple variant designs
  • Define constraints to prevent invalid combinations
  • Distribute and reuse configurations across your workflow, such as testing
  • Analyze configurations for simulation and code generation coverage
  • Share a simplified standalone model that contains the selected variants in your design

Variant Manager Overview

Create and Manage Configurations

Capture the variation that occurs between parameters, interfaces, components, and products such as different engine variations and types of vehicles. Automatically generate configurations based on settings in your model. Use the tool to switch between configurations and inspect what becomes active or inactive based on those configurations.

Analyze Configurations

Learn whether your variant configurations cover variant components using the Variant Analyzer. Compare variant configurations. Check whether different components will be covered when testing using diverse variant configurations.

Reduce Your Model

Generate a reduced model for a subset of valid configurations for easier distribution. All related files and variable dependencies are also reduced. The reduced artifacts are packaged in a separate folder to enable easy deployment and share with customers and partners. Inspect how the model was reduced in detail by generating a report with Simulink Report Generator.